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Berwick Village Vet are a local veterinary practice that offer their services to the locals of Berwick. They have a strong focus on community and take pride in their identity as the local ‘village’ vet that take care of pet health for local families.

Berwick Village Vet came to Redsteps Web to create and build a new veterinary website design that captured their brand. They wanted this website to look neat while providing their visitors an abundance of information about pet care. Using these objectives as a foundation, Redsteps Web designed the new website with a fresh look that clearly communicated their local image to customers. We also ensured that their detailed information was set out clearly and was easy to navigate through for users.

The Berwick Village Vet’s new website includes all the features required for an effective veterinary website design. In addition to providing information on pet health and care, the website guides visitors to book an appointment to increase visits to the clinic. We achieved this by strategically placing call to action boxes throughout the website.

A fresh and neat look…

…for a veterinary website design

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our journey with berwick village vet

Redsteps Web began working with the Berwick Village Vet in 2019 to refresh the look of their veterinary website design. In the process of creating their new website, we worked closely with the Berwick Village Vet team. We ensured that the new design reflected their brand and the image they wanted to project to their visitors.

The Berwick Village Vet wanted to position itself as a support centre for families and ensure an abundance of information was easily available for users. To act on this goal, Redsteps Web categorised the information and ensured that it was easily accessible. We integrated a comprehensive menu bar that captured this information so that customers could easily navigate through the website to get to the page they were looking for.

The Berwick Village Vet also run their Google Ads with Redsteps, the parent company of Redsteps Web. This has helped them consistently generate new enquiries to their clinic and maximise the potential of their website.