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Star of the West Hotel is a local pub in Port Fairy that provides its visitors a function space and accommodation. Their aim is to ensure that their visitors enjoy the warm and rustic atmosphere of this heritage site with a warm meal and a beer.

Star of the West Hotel came to Redsteps to design and build their new website. The primary aim of this new website was to inform visitors about its services and allow them to book their various services. Redsteps Web used these goals as the foundation to this local pub website design and built a website that encouraged customers to take action.

In order to drive action through the website, Redsteps Web have integrated booking forms on the most important pages. Each of these booking forms have been adapted to the service they promote to allow customers to put in their preferences for that specific service. These forms then go to Star of the West Hotel’s inbox so they can manage their bookings more easily. Keeping in mind customers needs, we also included as many photos as we could on the website to give customers a clear picture of the hotel’s atmosphere. The combination of clear information on the pub and its services as well as a simple booking process lead customers to the next step of booking their services.

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…local pub website design

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our journey with star of the west hotel

Our team has been working with Star of the West Hotel since 2020 to help them increase their online presence. As more consumers were looking up local pubs online, Star of the West Hotel decided that it would be beneficial for the hotel to list its services online on its own website. Redsteps Web placed a big emphasis on the pub’s menu page as it would be one of the more popular services of the pub. 

In creating the menu page for this local pub website design, Redsteps Web put a lot of emphasis on user experience and professional design. We placed icons on the top of the page of the major menu categories so that customers could easily scroll down to the category they were most interested in. The page is also highly search engine optimised so that it appears on the first page of search results for related search terms. 

Star of the West Hotel also hosts their website and domain with Redsteps Web. Our hosting package provides the website with a secure and spacious home so that Star of the West Hotel can maximise the potential of its website.