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Sandy Point Getaway is a modern beach house accommodation option located in the heart of Sandy Point. This holiday home is fully furnished to cater for the needs of young families looking to stay in the area.

Sandy Point Getaway came to Redsteps to design and build their new website. The primary aim of this website is to give visitors an idea on the look of the holiday house and encourage them to book in the accommodation. Redsteps Web used these goals as the base of this accommodation website design and built a website that encouraged customers to take action.

In order to encourage customers to book the accommodation through the website, Redsteps Web integrated a booking calendar on the website. The booking calendar is highly visual with dates shaded in green, yellow or red to show whether the accommodation is available, in the process of being booked or unavailable for the particular date. The intuitive colours allow visitors to quickly see which dates are available, simplifying their decision-making in the booking process. The completed booking forms then go to the Sandy Point Getaway inbox so the team can see the bookings from the website. Booking forms can also be managed on the website where Sandy Point Getaway can send templated emails to their customers and keep in contact with them.

An accommodation website design…

…that encourages customers to book in

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our journey with sandy point getaway

Our team has been working with Sandy Point Getaway since 2020 to help them start their journey online. As a majority of accommodation providers were listing their services online, Sandy Point Getaway wanted to keep themselves competitive in the market. In order to give customers as much information on the accommodation as possible, Redsteps Web added images across the site that cover various angles of the beach hosue.

In building the navigation for this accommodation website design, Redsteps Web ensured that all the main pages were easily accessible to visitors. We designed a top header menu that captured all the main pages and kept it visible even as users scrolled down the page so they could easily access another page if they found another topic of interest. The web pages are also sectioned neatly so customers can easily see the topic they are reading about. 

Sandy Point Getaway also hosts their website and domain with Redsteps Web. Our hosting package provides the website with a secure and spacious home so that Sandy Point Getaway can maximise the potential of its website.