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Antarctica Travel Centre are a specialist tour operator that run cruises to Antarctica and surrounding islands. They have been operating since 1995 and have created once-in-a-lifetime experiences for boundless travellers going into the Antarctic.

Antarctica Travel Centre came to Redsteps Web to get their agency found online. Redsteps Web first invested time in understanding how customers searched the web for cruises. We then used this information to lay out their new travel website design so that it was logical for customers. Our primary focus was easy navigation with plenty of detail to answer all customer queries. Redsteps Web also ensured that the website design was unique so customers remembered the brand when making their decision in choosing their tour operators.

Antarctica Travel Centre’s website aims to present as much information about the travel experience to lead customers to the next stage of the decision making process. A large part of the website design revolves around the strategic placement of stunning photography. These photos give customers a taste of the Antarctic experience with Antarctica Travel Centre.

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our journey with antarctica travel centre

Redsteps Web began working with Antarctica Travel Centre in 2015. As an increasing number of customers were searching for information on unique holiday destinations online, it was the perfect time to get the business online.

The Antarctica Travel Centre website is detailed and contains information on their diverse range of individual itineraries. This level of detail both engages customers and positions Antarctica Travel Centre as a knowledgeable travel centre they can trust. Due to the breadth and depth of information, Redsteps Web paid particular attention to the smallest of details when creating this travel website design. This process has helped ensure that the information available to customers is accurate as well as detailed.

Redsteps Web has also been managing the Antarctica Travel Centre’s website hosting. Our aim has been to provide them with a website hosting package that can cater to the space the website needs while offering them great value for money.