Search Engine Optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO helps your business get found online. The benefit of investing in SEO is that you are not paying for customers to find your website. This makes it flexible for marketing budgets of all sizes.

Investing time in SEO shows major search engines, such as Google, that your content is relevant to your customers’ search queries. Basic SEO strategies involve posting regular blog posts that discuss the latest trends in your industry. Since Google wants to show users the most relevant websites to user queries, keeping your website up-to-date improves your website’s overall ranking over time. SEO can also progress to more complex strategies involving your website’s code.

Redsteps Web are experts in SEO. Our SEO services cover a variety of activities from blog posts, to optimising webpages for keywords to more complicated functions such as cleaning your website’s code. We optimise your website and help your business improve its ranking on Google so that you reach more customers.

seo with redsteps web

running routine website audits 

Redsteps Web run regular audits on your website so that we can keep track of any issues on your website. Using our SEO tool, we analyse both the big picture while tracking the minor issues across your site.

We base our monthly SEO strategy on this data and optimise the sections of your website that need improvement. This supports the continuous improvement in your website’s online presence and over time helps improve your ranking to its potential.

updating your website content regularly

The key to an enhanced SEO strategy is consistency. Redsteps Web maintains a regular schedule for updating your website content so that search engines can see that your website is relevant and up-to-date for customer queries.

These updates to your website content are tailored to reflect your business’ overall strategy. You will be able to choose from a variety of content including how-tos, latest news, tips for customers and more! We can also update content on your primary pages if you feel that they are currently out of date.

optimising your content with relevant keywords

Optimising your content for keywords is the key to unleashing your potential in improving your online presence.

At Redsteps Web we ensure that all your content is optimised with keywords, and also take it a step further. We make content readable for people just as much as we make it readable for search engines.

taking care of the technicalities of seo

In addition to regular updates to content, an enhanced SEO strategy requires you to make adjustments to your website’s code so that it can be read quickly and easily by search engines. This process ensures that your website can load quickly for a positive user experience and requires a high level of detail.

Redsteps Web are experts in these technical aspects of SEO. Our team has a high level of attention to detail and are experienced in optimising the code that is read by search engines. We make the necessary adjustments and enhance your business’ overall website presence.

Bundle up!

Did you know that your investment in SEO can also improve the performance of your Google Ads? This is why Redsteps Web offer these two services together as a package and maximise your potential of being found online. We tailor these packages to your needs so that your business’ online presence can benefit from right combination of both these services.

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