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South America Travel Centre are a travel agency that plan and guide their patrons on highly engaging tailored tours to South America. They are a passionate team that aim to create unique travel experiences for their clients that will be remembered for a long time.

South America Travel Centre came to Redsteps Web to build a new website that was true to their distinct brand as a travel centre. This new website provides customers information on their travel destinations and explains all their itineraries. As a result, a big focus of this website was clear navigation. Redsteps Web implemented a systematic process when planning the navigation of this website for optimal user experience.

As South America Travel Centre were looking for a travel website build, Redsteps Web ensured that the website captured the interest of its visitors. We paid particular attention in placing the images across the site and optimised them for the website. This ensured that the images retained their quality while taking up little space for a professional look.

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Redsteps Web began working with South America Travel Centre in 2015 to reach holiday seekers who were searching for their next holiday online. Since an online presence was becoming increasingly important for travel agencies, we planned for a travel website build that was optimised for search engines. This planning has improved their site ranking on Google so that potential clients could find them more easily. This new website offers customers a vast amount of information. From details about the travel destination to the individual itineraries that were available to clients, South America Travel Centre aimed to provide their customers as much information as possible. Redsteps Web took this vast amount of information and planned a detailed site map. We then implemented this plan across the site to ensure that customers could easily find exactly what they were looking for on the site. South America Travel Centre also hosts their website and domain name with Redsteps Web. We provide them with a spacious package to cater for all the needs of their website while ensuring that it is a great value for money.