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gardener website build

CGS are a gardening franchise that provide a range of gardening services to residential and commercial customers. Their focus on professionalism and customer satisfaction has built them up as a reliable local gardener in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

CGS came to Redsteps Web to help them improve their online presence so they could generate more leads from this channel. In analysing the CGS franchise, Redsteps Web found that the best strategy would be to build a new website. The new website provides a comprehensive list and description of CGS’ gardening services while guiding customers down the conversion funnel. This strategy helps CGS achieve their ultimate goal of generating leads.

Redsteps Web has integrated all the elements necessary for a gardener website build. We designed the website with the end customer in mind to ensure that they can navigate through the website smoothly. The website also includes information for potential franchisees to learn more about the business and easily contact CGS to sign up for an opportunity.

A neat and clean design for a…

…garden website build!

our journey with cgs

Redsteps Web began working with CGS in 2017 to build their new website. Each visual element on this new website has been strategically placed to encourage customers to take the next step in the decision making process. This comprehensive strategy has contributed to the website being a great asset in generating continuous leads.

During this gardener website build we put particular emphasis on the images of CGS’ completed projects. These images provide potential customers a clear idea of the professionalism and high quality finish the CGS team provide, ultimately encouraging them to book their gardening services.

CGS also runs their regular digital marketing campaigns with Redsteps, the parent company of Redsteps Web. These ongoing campaigns include SEO and Google Ads which has helped them take advantage of their website and steadily develop their online presence. The combination of these campaigns maximise the traffic directed to the website and increase the leads that come through to them via their website.