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Drake Design are professional building designers located in Beaconsfield. With expertise spanning across commercial and residential properties, their aim is to provide their customers premium building design services.

Drake Design came to Redsteps Web to help them reach customers who searched for home and commercial space designers online. Redsteps Web built a website to introduce the Drake Design brand while showcasing their high-quality services. The website explains Drake Design’s design processes and services to provide customers with as much information as possible. This easy access to information increases customer confidence in the Drake Design brand as they are transparent and clear about their processes.

In working on this home designer website build, Redsteps Web ensured that customers could get a clear picture of Drake Design’s premium grade of design services. The website features their most notable projects with high quality images positioning Drake Design as a professional building designer.

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our journey with drake design

Redsteps Web began working with Drake Design in 2018 to develop their new home designer website build. Our team focused our efforts on the fine details of the website to ensure that the design complemented their premium brand. We particularly paid attention to the images on the site as well as the font. The images were chosen based on their aesthetic value and how well they represented Drake Design’s professionalism. On the other hand, the font was chosen based on its professional appearance as well as its readability. Considering both of these aspects ensured customers had a positive experience throughout their stay on the website. Redsteps Web has also been managing Drake Design’s website hosting with a package that caters the space they need while offering them great value for money. In order to optimise the potential of their website Drake Design manage their SEO with Redsteps, the parent company of Redsteps Web. These consistent efforts increase the possibility of the home designer being found by new customers.