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Ricksteel Fabrications are steel farbricators based in Stawell, Western Victoria. They offer manufacturing and repair services for steels, steel alloys, stainless steels and aluminium alloys. Ricksteel Fabrications also install steel structures for their clients.

Ricksteel Fabrications came to Redsteps Web to build an effective website that would help them expand their current customer base. As Ricksteel Fabrications are a family business, we focused on maintaining a local image while showcasing their strengths. This combination provides potential clients with information on their services while immersing them in their local brand image.

As the website aims to introduce Ricksteel Fabrications to their potential clients, Redsteps Web focused on developing effortless website navigation. We created a simple menu bar capturing the most important pages of the website so that clients easily move between these pages. As they are able to obtain information swiftly, they move to the next stage of the decision making process more quickly.

Hear what ricksteel fabrications has to say about our construction website design!

We are very happy with the new website designed for us by Redsteps Web. We now have visibility online and believe this will bring in new clients for our business.


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our journey with ricksteel fabrications

Redsteps Web began working with Ricksteel Fabrications in 2020. Ricksteel Fabrications wanted to ensure that their new website had a safe home, so we began our website building process by first setting up their hosting environment. Redsteps Web took great care to ensure that this website hosting package suited Ricksteel Fabrications’ needs and provided their website a secure home so it could perform to its potential.

Before we began the designing process, we analysed their business so that we could build a construction website design that suited them best. Following this, we collated the content that Ricksteel Fabrications had provided us to plan out each of the pages. We also ensured that these pages will provide customers with the information they are looking for.

The final stages of this project included actually building the pages and setting up the navigation so Ricksteel Fabrications’ clients had a smooth user experience.