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Liberty Equipment Hire are traffic management and hire experts based in Melbourne’s South East. They hire out traffic managment equipment and workwear for construction sites and events as required. They particularly specialise in light towers which come in a variety of models for different purposes.

Liberty Equipment Hire came to Redsteps Web to develop their business online. Since online research was becoming more prevelant for customers in this market, Liberty Equipment Hire wanted to take full advantage of this increasingly popular channel. Redsteps Web helped Liberty Equipment Hire achieve this goal by designing an informative website that captured the business and its range of services. We also ensured that clients could easily contact the business to maximise the leads coming through their website.

Redsteps Web maximised opportunities for website leads through a variety of tactics. We first linked all their services to a contact form to encourage clients to enquire about these services. Our team ensured that the contact form was detailed to the extent it gathered all relevant information about the job, while being easy and quick for clients to fill out. Another tactic we used to create opportunities for leads was placing their address and phone number in highly visible areas of the website to simplify the contacting process for clients.

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our journey with liberty equipment hire

Redsteps Web began working with Liberty Equipment Hire in 2017. We collaborated with the Liberty Equipment Team closely during the website build to ensure that they were happy with the overall design of the site. In keeping up with the trends in the industry, we ensured that the site was informative while being easy to navigate. Combining these two features allowed us to maximise the customer experience on the site as they can find all the answers to their questions easily.

Website hosting also played a crucial role in allowing Liberty Equipment Hire to maximise the potential of their website. We ensured that this package had sufficient space for Liberty Equipment to manage all their online operations including their business emails. This measure has ensured that the lead generation process and client communication runs smoothly.

Liberty Equipment Hire also runs their Google Ads with Redsteps, the parent company of Redsteps Web. This has helped generate leads consistently and make the most of this online channel.