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Sphere Collective are a specialist bridal boutique located in Queensland. They stock a diverse range of modern Australian bridal gowns and offer one on one consultation appointments to their clients, helping them find the perfect wedding dress.

Sphere Collective came to Redsteps Web to design and build their new website. They wanted their new website to focus on design and user experience to reflect their stylish image. Redsteps Web designed and built Sphere Collective’s new website to achieve this goal.

The new website features everything required for a modern bridal website design. Beautiful images of their bridal gowns display the diverse designs and brands the boutique stocks. The home page displays Sphere Collective’s latest Instagram posts to capture the interest of new visitors while portraying their classy brand image. Redsteps Web has also integrated an online store to help their clients purchase their diverse range of bridal accessories with greater convenience.

What Sphere Collective has to say about our bridal website design

The Redsteps Web team have redeveloped a new, modern ecommerce website for us which we absolutely love! We are able to sell our sample gowns and accessories through the website easily, which helps to offer our products to a wider audience than just brides visiting our QLD boutique. We also enjoy the ease of getting the Redsteps team to quickly and efficiently make updates for us when required, as designers are updating their lines regularly! Redsteps Web also manage our Google Ads campaigns and we are so happy with the number of conversions we are seeing come through each month and the return we see for our spend. Thank you!


Owner, Sphere Collective

our journey with sphere collective

Our team has been working with Sphere Collective since 2017 to help their business get found online easily. In 2019, we worked with the brand to create a new website that expressed their brand while increasing their sales channels with an online store.

Since branding is especially important in bridal website design, we took a very methodical approach in creating a design that captured all the elements of the Sphere Collective brand. We then collaborated with Sphere Collective to ensure that they were satisfied by the website design before starting the building process. Redsteps Web also ensured that the online store was secure and could handle payments smoothly for positive customer experiences.

Sphere Collective also runs their Google Ads with Redsteps, the parent company of Redsteps Web. This has helped them consistently generate new enquiries to their boutique and maximise the potential of their website.