what is a website domain name?

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Your website domain name is the name of your website’s address. People come across many website domains daily and they generally look like “websitedomainname.com.au”. When businesses buy domain names, they usually choose the name of their business as their domain name as it is easiest for customers to find them online.

The end part of a domain name is called a domain extension. There are many different types of domain extensions that you can register when choosing your domain name. The most common type of domain extension that you can register in Australia is a “.com.au”. If you are in Australia, purchasing a “.com.au” has the lowest yearly price, making it the most cost-effective option. It also shows your customers that you are a local Australian business.


Popular website domain name types

There are many types of domain names you can register for your business. These various website domain name types provide businesses flexibility in managing their online presence. Some popular domain name types and their uses include:


Parked Domains

Parked Domains are domains that direct themselves to your website. Parked domains can either be domains that are close to yours or common misspellings of your actual domain. With parked domains, your customer will be directed to your website regardless of incorrect spelling. You can also prevent competitors from choosing a domain name similar to yours, preventing confusion between your businesses.


Addon Domains

Addon Domains are domains that live in the same cPanel environment. You will be able to use the same features of the primary website domain name for this additional domain. You can essentially think about it as paying for one hosting package for the size of two domains! As you are sharing the same storage between multiple domains you may find that you are using a lot of space on your hosting package. However, depending on the requirements of your business, it can be more economical to buy these addon domains and pay for a large hosting package instead of paying for multiple smaller hosting packages.



A subdomain is an addition to your primary domain which makes it easier to navigate through specific parts of your website. A domain that has a subdomain attached to it generally looks like “subdomain.primarydomain.com.au”. These domains can be used in different ways depending on your business’ needs. An example is rebuilding your website on the same primary domain. To keep your website running during this time, you can use a “staging” subdomain to ensure customers do not find the new website during its building process.


We hope that this post helped you understand the different types of domains available and how you can apply them to your business needs. Redsteps Web offers all the above perks for an unlimited number of domains in all our website hosting packages. Contact us today to register or transfer over your website domain name!


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