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Understanding digital marketing terms helps uncover the meaning of the statistics that come in your digital marketing reports. By looking at these statistics more closely, you will be able to take charge of your marketing efforts. The reports help you find which parts of your marketing are supporting your business so that you can invest more in that area and achieve your overall business goals.

Redsteps Web has created various digital marketing terms glossaries for different types of digital marketing efforts. Refer to these terms to uncover the meaning of the key digital marketing statistics in your reports and plan how you can take charge of your marketing.


Measuring SEO performance

One of the biggest areas in measuring the effectiveness of your SEO look at how well your website ranks on Google or other search engines for the relevant keywords. As each search engine has a unique algorithm to calculate the final position of the search results, your website can often have different positions across different search engines.

Learn about the terms that help measure your SEO performance.


Measuring the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns

Understanding how well your email marketing campaigns perform is crucial to tweaking them for the next campaign to keep your strategy strong and dynamic.

Learn about the terms that help measure your email marketing campaign performance.


Measuring the effectiveness of social media marketing

Measuring the efficacy of your social media activities looks at how visible your activities have been to your customers and the extent to which your customers have interacted with your posts and ads.

Learn about the terms that help measure your social media marketing performance.


Measuring website traffic

Measuring website traffic is crucial to understanding how your customers are interacting with your business online. By analysing these stats, you can find areas to improve your website to maximise the potential of this channel for your website.

Learn about the terms that help measure your website traffic performance.


Measuring the quality of a backlink

Evaluating the quality of these links gives you an idea of whether you should reach out and ask the owner of the website with your link to remove it from their site. Or, if a positive backlink, it uncovers opportunities for you to reach out and work more closely with the owner of the other website in adding more links that direct to your website.

Learn about the terms that help evaluate the performance of your backlinks.


Measuring paid traffic performance

Evaluating the paid traffic performance on your website is a great way to understand if your advertising dollars are bringing in the return on investment that you are looking for. Depending on the report, paid traffic can look at just the traffic coming from your Google Ads, or it can involve the traffic coming from your social media ads as well.

Learn about the terms that help measure your paid traffic performance.



We hope you learned a bit more about the key digital marketing terms in your reports!

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