what is a web server?

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A web server is a system that serves files to visitors accessing websites. A web server is essentially a large computer or a system of computers where your website lives.



Before we take a look at web servers, we first need to understand what a server is. A server plays the crucial role of providing people with the correct files or information when we request them. Servers make up a crucial part of IT structures in allowing people to access information (such as files, emails and websites) easily.

There are many different types of servers that “serve up” different pieces of information. The server that hosts websites focuses on serving website files to your website’s visitors is called a web server. Servers can be local and store files only accessible to a small group e.g. an office intranet. Or, they can be much larger, and service entire regions, as are many servers that host websites.


How do web servers work?

Web servers bring information to website visitors on request.

When a customer searches for your website online, the search goes to the server where your website (along with several others!) is stored. From here, the system searches for your website and once it finds it, returns to the customer to display the website they have searched for.


Why are web servers important?

Servers are important as they present your website to your visitors. Servers need to be quick and reliable to ensure your website loads quickly so that your visitors have a positive experience on your website. Slow or unreliable servers that are down often can ruin customer experience on your site and result in your business losing customers.

When choosing a website hosting package, it is important that your host is using reliable servers to ensure the ultimate experience for your customers. Reliable servers help maximise your online performance so that your business can reach its potential on this channel.


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