Why do you need websites for small businesses?

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Web developers are always saying that it is important to have websites for small businesses and that it needs to do x, y and z. But for those who aren’t very familiar with the online world are often still asking ‘why do you need a website?’ and ‘how will a website improve my business?’. In this post, we’re taking it back to basics to help you better understand the purpose of having a website for your business.


Why is it important have websites for small businesses?


Helps customers to find you on Google

Did you know that during peak season, 89% of Australians search for businesses on Google before they make a purchase in-store? Websites for small businesses are not just relevant to online based businesses – they’re just as important for brick and mortar stores.

Without a website, it is much harder for customers to find information about your business when they search in Google (if they can find anything about you at all!).


Adds credibility to your business

Nowadays, most businesses have a website. Shoppers have become accustomed to being able to research businesses online. If they can’t find a website, they’ll be quick to question the business’ credibility, or even question the business’ existence!

It’s important to have a website to help your customers feel sure that your business is established and easily accessible. The quicker they can find your website, the quicker they’ll form a positive opinion about your business and as a result, be more likely to make a purchase!


Allows customers to research your brand

A website is a tool that you can use to give your customers information about your business. Websites act as the home of all your business information, including opening hours, product specifications and prices. A website lets customers find out all about your business from the comfort of their own homes without needing your printed brochure, business card or flyer.

In Australia, 86% of shoppers go online when researching a product or service. Because of this, you need to make sure you’ve got a website with all the information they’ll need to know before deciding to make a purchase from your business. If you don’t… they might choose your competitor instead!


Gives you an edge over competitors

Have you searched online to see if your competitors have a website? Chances are, they probably do. And if they do, you’re probably missing out on sales. If they don’t, getting a website built for your business will give you the advantage!

Having a website ensures that you’re being found before competitor businesses, or at least ensures that you’re in the running. With more Australians than ever using Google to research businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to make sure your competitors aren’t the only ones being found online.


So, why do you need a website for your small business? A website is your customer’s gateway to your business! Just about everyone is searching online these days, and without a website, your business might get left behind.


Source: Google, 2020


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