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If you are evaluating the pros and cons of social media for your business, then you are probably ready to start engaging with your customers more closely. While this can be exciting, putting your business on social media can be scary – especially if you aren’t a social media user yourself. As the world continues to move online, the proportion of businesses that are finding it crucial to have a social media account is increasing. These businesses use their social media accounts to engage with their customers while promoting their brand and products.

Is social media right for your business?

Some businesses worry about putting their business on social media as it allows anyone to comment under their brand. There will always be a small element of risk with social media as your brand is vulnerable to these comments. However, when social media is managed and monitored properly, there are a variety of benefits to be reaped.

To determine whether social media is suitable for your business, it is best to evaluate the pros and cons. This will help you understand social media at a deeper level and whether it will work with your business. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are fully informed before you choose to promote your business online using social media!

Pros and cons of social media for businesses


  • Gets your business noticed online
  • Finds new customers
  • Generates positive reviews and testimonials
  • Easy communication with customers
  • Engages customers and create better customer loyalty
  • Creates an online community around your brand
  • Increases your visibility over competitors who don’t promote on social media
  • Gives customers the benefit of quick to their enquiries
  • Is more affordable than traditional marketing tactics
  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Gives customers easy access to business details


  •  Increases risk of negative comments and reviews
  • Requires regular monitoring
  • Does not guarantee that you will reach your target audience
  • Makes your business vulnerable to the risk of unwanted behaviour on your page
  • Is time consuming to maintain an active presence
  • Needs a significant investment of time and effort to match competitors
  • Does not target all demographics 
Is social media good for your business?

The Verdict?

Social media is a great tool to communicate and engage with your customers. It helps you maintain relationships with your customers while attracting new fans to your brand. It also makes your business more accessible to your customers in turn increasing the awareness of your business.

On the other hand, Social media also places business in a vulnerable position where they can be targeted by negative comments and reviews in a public space. It also takes a significant amount of time to maintain the page and regular monitoring.
However, the cons of social media have their own solution. Negative comments and review can be overcome with transparent communication. For investing time into your social media accounts, this can be added onto your list of daily tasks. By setting aside a couple of minutes each day, you will be able to monitor your page and put out new content for your fans.

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