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JCM Carpentry work in the construction industry servicing the South East suburbs of Melbourne. They are experienced across all areas of carpentry and woodwork with a focus on getting the job done for their clients.

JCM Carpentry came to Redsteps Web to help get their business online. Redsteps Web created a design for this carpenter website build that would increase their lead generating channels. A major part of this design was showcasing projects and services JCM Carpentry offered their clients. We incorporated images of their projects throughout the website so that their quality services were visible to the visitors.

In order to introduce the JCM Carpentry brand to customers, Redsteps Web also put great emphasis on website navigation during the website building process. The information was split into two categories, “for home owners” and “for builders” so that each group could find information that suited their needs best. We also included a contact button on the menu bar so that customers could easily see it no matter what page they were on. This technique has helped increase the number of requests for quotes and enquiries coming through the website.

Hear what jcm carpentry has to say about our services!

The team at Redsteps are fantastic. I couldn’t believe how quick they were to deliver everything that we needed. We have really seen results from the work they did as well. Every time we get a new business call we ask where they found out about us and we hear over and over again – we found you on Google, or we found you online. We couldn’t ask for a better result.


Owner, JCM Carpentry

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our journey with jcm carpentry

Redsteps Web began working with JCM Carpentry in 2011. We first had a brainstorming session with the owner to establish the goals that they wanted to achieve from building this new website. We then worked on creating a website design that would best achieve these goals and worked closely with the JCM Carpentry team to finalise this design. During this stage, we also worked on finalising the content for the website and planning how the content will be distributed across the site. Once the design had been finalised, we built the pages of the website.

Redsteps Web has also been managing JCM Carpentry’s website and domain hosting since the website build, providing them with a website hosting package that can cater for the space the website needs while offering them great value for money.