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To ensure your ecommerce store achieves its potential, it is important to set it up correctly. Part of this process involves adding the right plugins for your ecommerce website. In addition to the fundamental plugins for your website, your online store needs special ecommerce plugins. These plugins add extra functionality to your store, on the customer end or the backend so that you can make the most out of your ecommerce website.

To take the confusion of choosing the right plugins for your ecommerce site, Redsteps Web has made a list of the plugins we have worked with previously. We have found these plugins useful and hope you do too!


Plugins for your ecommerce website



WooCommerce is a highly customisable e-commerce plugin that allows you to set up and manage your online store. It is a great option for WordPress and is regularly updated with new functions to simplify the process of managing your ecommerce website. A function that our team enjoys on WooCommerce is the reporting feature. This feature allows you to see the number of orders and how many sales you make over time. It helps you see your stats for selling online so you can monitor your performance and adjust your strategy as necessary.


PayPal for WooCommerce

PayPal is one of the biggest online payment gateways. Its reputation for being a safe and secure way to pay online makes it a popular method amongst customers. Adding PayPal to your website shows customers that your online store is a safe way to shop online and increases their confidence in your store. The best part is that PayPal is compatible with WooCommerce! Once you have installed the PayPal plugin for your website, you can adjust a number of settings including where the PayPal badge sits on your site and what it looks like. This allows you to personalise the payment methods on your site to what best suits your business.



YITH is a set of ecommerce plugins designed for WooCommerce that enhance the functionality of your online store. Some popular plugins in this set include Brands Add-On which allows you to categorise your products by brand. This is very helpful for large retailers stocking many brands as it allows customers to find products from their favourite brands easily. Their bulk editing tool is also very useful as it allows you to edit multiple products easily with just a few clicks. From updating prices to categorising products, you can update several products at once which makes this function highly useful for an ecommerce store manager!


WP-Lister for eBay

If you are looking to list your products on both your website and eBay, then we highly recommend looking at this plugin. This plugin helps keep both your listings on eBay and your website in the one spot so that you can manage both platforms easily. It also helps you template out your listing on eBay so that you can keep it consistent and in line with your branding. If you already have products on eBay and would like to pull it into your website, we recommend you also take a look at their Import from eBay to WooCommerce plugin which complements WP-Lister for eBay.


Trust Pilot

Reviews are increasingly important for a successful ecommerce website. As customers cannot see or touch the products on an online store, positive reviews can often play a large role in the final decision. Trust Pilot is a great tool for showing customers that your products and services are trustworthy. Customers can leave their reviews on Trust Pilot and you can pull in these reviews about your business using their plugin once you log into your account. Placing these reviews on relevant pages builds trust in your business and minimises risk for customers looking to purchase online.


We hope that this post helped you understand what plugins are and choose some plugins for your online store!


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