What is storage and how much do I need?

The storage size the amount of space you have on your website hosting package to keep long-term data.

Data that is kept in this storage includes:

  • Emails
  • Plugins
  • Content published on your website (e.g. your pages)
  • Content uploaded to your website (e.g. images and other media content)


Each business has different website data needs, so understanding how much space your business needs is crucial. 

Businesses that primarily communicate with their customers through phone calls and only want to use their website as a point of reference for their customers need less space. However, businesses that would like to give their customers detailed information about their products/services on their website and use their emails regularly would require more space for their website to run smoothly.

Not sure how much storage your business needs on your website? Contact us today and we can go through your storage needs with you!


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