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As your business grows, so will the number of email accounts that you use. Adding an email account to your hosting package is different from setting up a personal email account. However, following a process can make this set-up much simpler! Read on to find out how you can set-up email addresses for your business through cPanel.


1. Logging onto cPanel

The first step is logging onto a section of your website called the cPanel. The cPanel can easily be reached by logging in from your Redsteps Web customer portal

If you would like to log in to the cPanel from your website, you can email Redsteps Web at and we can send you the log in details separately. 


2. Adding the email account

Once you are in the cPanel, search for “Email Accounts” on the search bar on the top of the page.

In the “Email Accounts” section. You will be able to see the email addresses that you currently have on your account. Click on the “+Create” button sitting on the top right of these existing email addresses.

The email domain (the latter part of the email address) should already be set as your website domain e.g. You will just need to fill out the username (the first part of the email address) to decide how this new email address will look like.

If you would like to change the domain of this new email address, click on the options under “Domain” and it will come up with the other options on your account. 


3. Options for your new email account

There are a number of other options that you will need to set up before you can finish setting up your email account:  

Password – You can choose to fill out a password pre-determined by your business or you can choose an automatically generated password on the system. The only main issue to consider is getting the password to the level of complexity required by the system. 

Storage Space – This is the amount of space that you allocate to this email address. The space you allocate depends on the size of your hosting package. If you have a small hosting package, we recommend placing a limit on your email accounts. We recommend keeping your account to 500MB if you would like to limit the space taken up by your email accounts. If you are on a bigger hosting plan and emails are a crucial form of communication, you can set your storage to unlimited.  

Send a welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client – Ticking this box is especially helpful if you are setting up an email for a new staff member. We’ll explain the details setting up a mail client further down!

Stay on this page after I click create – Tick this box if you would like to set up your mail client immediately after you create this new email address.

Click the “+create” button and now you have set up your new email account!


About mail clients

What is a mail client?

Mail clients are email programs on your device. These can include:

- Windows Live Mail

- Microsoft Outlook

- Apple Mail

- Gmail

What does it mean to set up your mail client?

Emails are often accessed on a mail client that is installed on a device e.g. Microsoft Outlook on a desktop computer.

When you set up your mail client for an email address, you will be to receive your emails through the mail client on your preferred device. 

Some email clients allow you to link your email automatically, however, others need you to connect the mail client with the email address manually. To begin this process, you will need to connect the email address to your device. 


4. Setting up your mail client

If you ticked “Stay on this page after I click create” when you set up your email address, you will be able to see a link on the right hand side of your page that says “Connect Devices”. 

If you had left the page in the initial process, you will be taken back to the “Email Accounts” page where you should see your new email address. Click on the “Manage” button on this page and you should be able to see the link on the right-hand side of the page reading “Connect Devices.”

Once you have clicked on this link you will be taken to the page with the details to set up your mail client. Scroll down to the “Mail Client Manual Settings” section and you will be able to see the settings required to set up your mail client. Keep these settings in an accessible space as you will need them in the later stages of the set-up process.

Now you will need to open your email client on your preferred device.

Click on add account on your email client and follow through the first set instructions. This can vary slightly from email client to email client but should ask you to put in your email address. Put in your new email address that you just set up in this section.

It will then lead you to decide what type of email account to set up. You will need to choose between an IMAP email account or a POP email account. 


About IMAP and POP

IMAP and POP are two types of email accounts that you can use on your email client. They both have different features which can be suitable for different business situations.

IMAP accounts 

IMAP accounts can only be managed with internet connection. They store all the emails online. This feature makes IMAP perfect for managing a single email account amongst multiple team members (e.g. an admin@ or info@ which multiple team members access). 

POP accounts

Unlike IMAP, POP downloads your emails and stores it on the device you are using. This allows you to read your emails and sort them out even if you don’t have internet access (you’ll still need internet access to send and receive emails). However, this feature prevents you from managing a collaborative email account as employees cannot see what other team members have done on the account (i.e. deleting emails). Note: POP is also often referred to as POP3, the 3rd version in this system.

Due to its collaborative nature across multiple devices, we recommend using IMAP for your email account. 


5. Final steps

Click on IMAP. 

Bring up the settings that you had stored earlier on in the set-up process.

Put in the correct settings as asked and click “Next”. 

The system will then ask you to put in the password that you have set up for this email account. 

After you have put in your password, click “Connect” on the bottom of this page. You have now successfully linked the email account to the mail client. Congratulations!


Still a little confused by the process of setting up an email account? Redsteps Web can help! We can set up your account lead you step-by-step through the process of linking your account to the mail client. Contact us today!


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